Leading the American Renovation

American Wolf is not a militia, in fact, it’s not even a group. It's a movement comprised of American men and women fighting for positive change in the United States. The change we fight for is NOT a revolution, as a revolution implies a new government. It is a fight to change our country into what it was designed to be; a Democratic Constitutional Republic working for WE the People. This movement is not about meme propaganda or fighting domestic terrorists in the streets. This movement is about preserving the rights of American Life, Liberty, and Opportunity. This is the American Renovation.


American Wolf was founded by Peter Diaz, a soldier turned businessman, businessman turned full-time Freedom Fighter. He is a second-generation Mexican immigrant who has thrived using America’s gift of Freedom and Opportunity. Following the nation-wide restriction of the American economy in response to the Coronavirus, Peter experienced a political awakening. Since April 19th 2020, Peter has traveled tens of thousands of miles, talking to tens of thousands of people, seeking knowledge and truth from around the United States. He has spoken to media from around the globe spreading the message of preserving American values. Peter has seen first hand, entire blocks of American cities leveled by anarcho-communists. He has seen fellow Americans beaten to the point of near death by domestic terrorists. In response to these attacks on American Life, Liberty, and Opportunity, Peter created American Wolf as a platform for Americans to help defend our country.


Peter Diaz

Wolf Description

A man or woman of action, not words.

Not a derogatory or predatory term. A wolf is a hard working pack animal, dominating its surroundings, and top of the food chain. Wolves do what it takes to earn meals for the good of the pack. Wolves are not reactionary; they are calculated in the hunt. The hunt is well planned, organized, and executed.

American Wolf

Proper noun; plural American Wolves

Amer-i-can Wolf
| \ ə-ˈmer-ə-kən | \ wu̇lf

Are YOU an American Wolf ?

We, the People, are Americans working for the good of America. We are men and women of action, not words. We will do what it takes to protect our rights and make this country something we are proud to hand down to future generations.


We are not anti-government. We are pro-government.


Government working for the people, not politicians consolidating power, special interest groups, or big money. The government we are advocating for is not about political parties; Republican or Democrat. It’s not about classical ideals; liberal or conservative. It’s about AMERICAN or NOT.


We will never appeal to the extreme left or the extreme right, but we don’t care to. We are not fighting for them. We are fighting for the 87% of us in the middle; Americans.


If you agree with this message, YOU are an American Wolf. We must be ready to seize the moment in this very unique time in American history. We must not be complacent with the world falling around us. Do not be a sheep.

Be an American Wolf.

The Mission

The mission is the American Renovation.


As Americans, we must organize and mobilize. We must band together and put minor differences aside. We must stand united.


The mission is to put common sense leaders into positions of policy making, not politicians into positions of power, as we have now. This can be achieved by winning the vote at the local level from a tree-roots movement. (Grass only gets so big.)


The mission is to fight to defend the idea that The United States of America is the land of Opportunity. We will settle for nothing less than:

  • The right to earn a good living for ourselves and our family
  • The right to keep more of what we earn 
  • To have less government oversight in our day-to-day lives; more personal freedom
  • The right to protect the United States and its natural resources for future generations


The mission is to win the war against those actively working to destroy our country. We must take our country back from those working to dismantle American values and replace them with the exact opposite ideals.


How YOU Can Help!

Talk to 5 people you know about American Wolf and its mission. Explain its importance and express the urgency to stand united.


Become an ambassador; endorse and promote the message of American Wolf. Help American network at the local level across all 50 states.


Buy merchandise. Support the cause, spread the message, and look good doing it.

Donate to the Cause!

Donate to the cause. Wars must be funded. We will send you a Freedom Fighter T-shirt for donations over $50. (Just include the size: S, M, L, XL, XXL)